Chambersburg Borough Police Department ’s Community Policing-Recruiting and Traffic Enforcement Vehicle Unveiled

The Chambersburg Borough Police Department ’s Community Policing-Recruiting and Traffic Enforcement vehicle has become a reality.  Attorney Samuel Wiser, Jr., (pictured), Shareholder and Municipal Practice Group Chair at Salzmann Hughes, P.C., attended an unveiling of the vehicle on August 1, 2023.

Bill Everly, Jr, (pictured) speaker at the reveal explained, "This vehicle’s purpose is not to be used for everyday law enforcement purposes, but be used as a vehicle for community events, a means for officers to attend trainings for their own professional growth, as well as technical training that the department provides to local businesses, and the citizens of Chambersburg.  Previously, a patrol vehicle was needed to be taken out of its everyday service to be used for these activities." 

The Chambersburg Police Department and its Police Chief, Ron Camacho, are nationally recognized for their model recruitment and community policing efforts, and often are asked to assist other police departments with their training and recruitment processes.  The purchase of this vehicle will also help Chambersburg secure the highest-quality officers to protect and serve the community for years to come. 

The new Community Policing-Recruitment and Traffic Enforcement vehicle made its public debut later that evening at Memorial Park in Chambersburg on August 1 for National Night Out, a nationwide campaign to build relationships between police departments and the community.

The matte blue paint stands out from typical law enforcement vehicles, with bright, reflective wrappings reading, “COMMUNITY POLICING- PROBLEM SOLVING, ACCOUNTABILITY, POSITIVE INTERACTION, PARTNERSHIPS”, “NO CRIME TOO SMALL”, and “RECRUITMENT- BE THE DIFFERENCE, JOIN THE BEST TODAY!”   The Chambersburg Police Department logo is also displayed alongside their website,, in addition to QR codes linking to the web. The wrappings were all generously donated by Daylen with Accents Customz in Greencastle (pictured with partner). 

The Chambersburg Community Police Foundation organized sponsors and individual donations for the vehicle. Everly clarified, "The Chambersburg Community Police Foundation was formed to supplement the mission of the Chambersburg Police Department by funding needs and initiatives...Before the ink was even dry on the foundation, the foundation was asked to raise funds for a police department need, and that was for our new community police vehicle...These tools will enable the Chambersburg Police Department to continue to be recognized as one of the premier police departments in the country due to their leadership, innovation, training, and willingness to be engaged in our community."

In addition to modern community policing standards, the Chambersburg Police Department is one of only two accredited police agencies in Franklin County by the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (PLEAC).  

Everly indicated a website for the Foundation is in the works where community members can help support our mission.