The Sunshine Act- Often Referenced but Not Always UnderstoodSamuel E. Wiser, Jr. was recently featured in the May 2024 edition of Borough News, published by the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB), for his article, "The Sunshine Act- Often Referenced, but Not Always Understood"

Rick Habacivch, Director of Communications and Learning Strategy, and Editor of Borough News, prefaces the May 2024 edition with his “Editor’s Note”:

"The Sunshine Act is a piece of legislation in the U.S. aimed at increasing the transparency of certain government activities.  Specifically, it focuses on ensuring openness and accountability in meetings held by government agencies.  The Sunshine Act requires that meetings of government agencies, boards, and commissions be open to the public unless certain exceptions apply.  The Act mandates that advance notice of meetings must be provided to the public, along with information about the topics to be discussed and any decisions to be made.  The purpose of the Sunshine Act is to promote transparency and public participation in government decision-making processes.  By ensuring that meetings are open to the public, the Act aims to prevent government agencies from making decisions in secret and to allow citizens to stay informed about the actions of their government.  Attorney Sam Wiser headlines his article “The Sunshine Act, Often Referenced, but not Always Understood,” as he sheds light on the details of the Act, [and] what [it] means for borough management to be in proper compliance."

Read the article here, or login to PSABs website to view the full digital version of Pennsylvania Borough News. 

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