Salzmann Hughes Keeps Clients and Cohorts Informed at Spring and Summer 2023 Conferences


The PSATS 100th Annual Conference offered an unparalleled training and networking opportunities for township officials and employees, as well as the biggest municipal exhibit show of its kind in Pennsylvania.

At the Hershey Lodge, Sam Wiser played game show host during his "Municipal Law Update" (pictured below). Sam gave an interactive Jeopardy-style session to a packed house; attendees even gathered in the hallways to hear the lastest legal updates stumping officials. Sam quizzed the audience on the most recent cases, legislation, and developing legal matters in real property, land use, personnel, and more. In evaluations provided by conference attendees, a conference moderator praised, "I have observed hundreds of workshops at the PSATS Conferences over the years. And I cannot recall seeing a better, more engaging presentation than the one offered by Attorney was truly special.  The audience was fully engaged and attentive".

Additionally, at the April PSATS Conference, Lee Stinnett, Isaac Wakefield, and Tyler Beaston provided a summary of current land use law in Pennsylvania, including recent court decisions from 2022 through Summer 2023 (pictured below). The team reviewed practical impacts of new statutes and court decisions on municipalities and planners, and interesting news stories related to land use and zoning issues, sparking an in-depth and interactive conversation with township officials.  

Zach Rice packed a full house and offered detailed, excellent examples of proper enforcement of municipal codes, such as nuisance ordinances, property maintenance codes, and building codes in his presentation, "Case Studies in Code Enforcement". The session helped township officials to understand all the options available to them when dealing with noncompliant properties.



This June, the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) held its annual conference at Hershey Lodge. Over 350 attendees from the 956 boroughs in the Commonwealth met to discuss municipal issues, network, and share information to provide better service to their local constituencies.

Mary Weller, Director of Conferences and Meetings at PSAB, commended, "On behalf of PSAB and our attendees, THANK YOU for giving a presentation at our recent Conference in Hershey. You did a terrific job! Your willingness to share your experience and expertise on Municipal Law played a vital role in making our event a success. Everyone always enjoys your Jeopardy style presentation."

Attendees at the PSAB Conference also listened to presentations from leaders in various industries on topics such as interpreting the borough code, board conflict resolution, annual municipal audits, combating property blight, Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) stormwater compliance, police liability and safety concerns, the 2020 census, diversity and leadership and conflicts of interest.




PennTec is the Pennsylvania Water Environment Association's (PWEA) Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition.  PennTec is and has always been the cornerstone of the educational, informational and networking opportunities offered by PWEA, which strives to be the leading network of diverse water quality professionals protecting Pennsylvania’s water infrastructure and resources.  

Isaac Wakefield and Lee Stinnett provided their knowledge in a workshop titled, "Weathering the Storm 2.0: Challenges to Stormwater Fees". 

In the second half of this informative series, the team provided an update of the evolving legal landscape of stormwater fees. A diverse group of water quality professionals gained an understanding of new Pennsylvania and national caselaw. Wakefield and Stinnett outlined critical elements of properly structured stormwater fees and provied information on how interested authorities may pursue setting up or amending their own program.



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