Salzmann Hughes Wowed the Crowd at Bi-Annual Conferences

The PSATS Annual Conference offers an unparalleled training and networking opportunity for township officials and employees, as well as the biggest municipal exhibit show of its kind in Pennsylvania.

Sam Wiser played game show host during his Municipal Law Update session at PSATS. Sam kept the audience energized and engaged with his Jeopardy-style Q & A featuring recent legal cases, legislation, and developing legal matters that affect townships.

Kurt Williams, Eric Brunner, and Tyler Beaston provided a summary of current land use law in Pennsylvania, including recent court decisions from 2021 through early 2022. The team reviewed practical impacts of new statutes and court decisions on municipalities and planners, and interesting news stories related to land use and zoning issues, sparking an in-depth and interactive conversation with township officials.  

Zach Rice packed a full house and offered detailed, excellent examples of proper enforcement of municipal codes, such as nuisance ordinances, property maintenance codes, and building codes in his presentation, "Case Studies in Code Enforcement". 

Steve Coccorese represented our Labor and Employment group at his extremely well-attended session titled, "Let's Chat: Effect Social Media Strategies" about best practices for social media use by municipalities, their elected and appointed officials, and employees. The interactive conversation sparked many questions, to which Steve responded with ease and poise. 

Isaac Wakefield and Lee Stinnett provided their expertise in a workshop titled, "Weathering the Storm: Challenges to Stormwater Fees". The team discussed various challenges municipal entities have faced in implementing stormwater fees, provided tips to implement a stormwater program that is legally defensible, and offered recommendations for winning the public relations battle before a fee is implemented in a customized program. 

With nearly 600 new attendees, and 6000 overall attendees, Salzmann Hughes definitely made an impact with township officials at PSATS 2022. 

Sam Wiser and Zach Rice continued the fun and excellent exposure with a round II game show at PSAB's conference, also in Hershey, with content and questions tailored for Borough officials. The session brought out familiar faces from our Borough client base, including staff from the Borough of Chambersburg, and provided an excellent opportunity to for networking.